Eligibility :
Candidates should have Passed Intermediate (10 + 2) or Equivalent examination with subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) with aggregate 50% marks.
Note: Final year students of Graduate Courses & Graduates can also apply but their age limit should be not more then 27 Yrs. Candidates can also applly on the basis of their successfull completion of Matriculation (10th Standard with aggregate of minimum 45% marks) under few courses. Age Limit: 17 ½ to 25 Years for Pre Sea Training of Deck Cadet and 17 ½ to 27 Years for Pre Sea Training of Rating.
Examination fee of Rs 300/- shall be payable for the entrance test; to be deposited online or at the examination centre.
Medical Criteria :
1. Constitution- There should be no evidence of weak constitution by way of imperfect development of muscles or serious malformation. Weight below 42 kg and height below 150 cm will be rejected. The chest should be well developed with a minimum range of expansion of 5 cm.
2. Skeletal System: There should be no disease or impairment of functions of bones or joints, contracture or of deformity of chest or any joint, abnormal curvature of spine, deformity of feet like bow legs, knock knees, flat feet, deformity of upper limbs, malformation of the head, deformity from fractures or depression of the skull, fractures (healed) with a pin inside will be a disqualification.
3. Ear, nose and throat: There should be no impaired hearing, discharge or disease in either ear, unhealed perforation of tympanic membrane or signs of acute or chronic supperative otitis media or evidence of radical mastoid operation, evidence of disease of the bones and cartilage of the nose, nasal polypus or disease of nasopharynx or accessory sinuses. Loss or decay of teeth to such an extent as to interfere with efficient mastication. No disease of the throat, palate, tonsils or gums or any disease or injury affecting the normal function of either temporary mandibular joint. Individuals with severe pyorrhoea are to be rejected.
4. Speech: There should be no impediment of speech (e.g. stammering)
5. Lymphatic System: There should be no enlarged glands, tubercular or due to other diseases in the neck or other parts of the body. Thyroid gland should be normal.
6. Cardiovascular System: There should be no sign of functional or valvular or other disease of the heart and blood vessels. Electrocardiogram should be within normal limits. Systolic blood pressure should not exceed 150mm of Hg nor Diastolic above 90 mm of Hg.
7. Respiratory System: There should be no evidence of chronic or respiratory tract disease, pulmonary tuberculosis or previous history of this disease or any chronic disease of the lungs. X-ray of chest should be normal.
8. Digestive System: There should be no evidence of any disease of the digestive system and that liver and spleen should not be palpable and there should be no abdominal tenderness on palpation.
9. Genitourinary System: There should be no palpable and enlarged kidneys. There should not be any disease of kidneys. Cases showing alburminuria, glycosurea or blood (RBC) in urine will be rejected. There should be no hernia or tendency thereto. Those who have been operated for hernia may be declared fit provided: (a) One year has elapsed after the operation. Documentary proof to be produced by the candidate. (b) General tone of abdominal muscles should be good; and (c) There has been no recurrence of hernia or complications with the operation. There should be no hydrocele, vericocele, spermatocele or any other defect of genital organs, no fistula and/or anal fissure or evidence of hemorrhoids (Piles), rectal polyps. There should be no active latent or congenital venereal diseases. Undescended intra abdominal testicle on one side unassociated with hernia, provided the other testicle is normal and that there is no physical or psychological effect due to undescended testicle will be accepted. Undescended testicle is retained in inguinal canal or at the extra abdominal ring will be rejected.
10. Skin: There should be no skin disease unless temporary or trival. Scars which by their extent or position are likely to cause disability or marked disfigurement are a cause for rejection.
11. Nervous System: There should be no history or evidence of mental disease of the candidate or in his family. Candidates having history of fits in continence or urine or enuresis will not be accepted. Mental or nervous irritability, abnormality of gait, defective functions of cranial nerves, inco-ordination, motor or sensory defaults will be rejected.
12. Eye Sight: There should not be any degree of squint or any morbid condition of eyes or of the eyelids that is liable to aggravate or recur, pressure of trachome and iris complication sequela. Candidates must possess good binocular vision (fusion faculty and full field of vision in both eyes). Movement of the eyeballs must be full in all directions and the pupils should react normally to light and accommodation. The vision should be 6/6 (normal) in each eye separately. Defective colour vision tested by Ishihara Colour Blindness Test is a disqualification.
13. Sea sickness: Candidates suffering sea sickness will be rejected if the same is not cured within a week. 14. Any other defect which in the opinion of the medical board will interfere with the individual’s efficiency as an officer of the merchant navy. Completing the Application Form
Note: For the purposes of the use of this website or any authority connected hereto, Merchant-Navy shall mean M/s Eruditio India Pvt. Ltd. together with its assignies, successors, representatives.
1. Fill in the Application Form only if you meet the eligibility criteria for admission to the training program.
2. If you have appeared in a qualifying examination and the result thereof awaited. You can apply provisionally to go through admission process
3. Candidates using downloaded Application Form must fill up the same in their own handwriting in black ink and undertaking is to be signed by them only.
4. The instructions in the Application Form are self-explanatory. Please follow them strictly.
5. It is mandatory to provide your email address as it will be used by the Admission Office for any communication related to your admission.
Selecting the Program
Merchant-Navy offers Pre Sea Training of Deck Cadet and Pre Sea Training of Rating which is approved by Merchant Marine of Honduras and after successful completion of training Honduras CDC(Continuous Discharge Certificate or Seamen Identity) will be issued. You can select the course depending upon your eligibility. For more details about training and fees you can refer website www.Merchant-Navy.co.in. You can also speak to our counselors for any enquiry :
• Greater Noida Campus on
0120-6514222/ 8130270001.
Submitting the application Form
Duly filled in Application Form together photograph should be submitted either online or after downloading the form you can send the filled form alongwith required documents to the Greater Noida Campus.
Selection process for training
The candidate has to clear a written exam/online entrance exam. The exam consists of basic arithmatic, english and general knowledge.
The paper consists of a multiple choice questions. There is only one right answer of a question.
Once the written and the interview is completed, the candidate has to wait for the merit list. The selected candidates are called up by a reporting letter in about 10 to 15 days.
At the time of reporting all documents will be verified and medical fitness certificate is required to prove the eligibility of the applicant for Pre Sea Training in Merchant Navy.
There will be 4 months residential training in the campus and fees for the training program will be 200,000/-INR.
Offer for Admission
1. A message will be sent to you to intimate announcement of result.This will be for information only and should not be taken as official communication for selection.
2. All selected candidates will get intimation of their selection through an Reporting Letter which can be printed from website. Details regarding payment of fees at the time of admission, allotment of Hostel and date, time and venue for commencement of the academic session will be mentioned in the reporting letter.
3. Offer of admission will be provisional & valid only for the specific program opted by the candidate and for the same Academic session only. The offer of the admission will automatically stand cancelled if the conditions are not fulfilled by the specified time.
4. There is a possibility that the admission committee recommends your admission in a category / program / campus for which you have not applied in the application Form. In such cases an option will be given to you on your admission, informing you of the change and you may give you consent for the same.
5. Failure to pay the fee or report for classes after payment of fee within the specified date will entail cancellation of admission.
Declaration: I confirm that the information contained in this Application Form is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I have not withheld any material/ information that would affect my Application/ Selection. Should any information, provided by me in this Application Form or otherwise, be found incorrect, I understand that Board of Merchant-Navy reserves the right to terminate my training without any refund of fee and the management of Merchant-Navy will not be liable to compensate me in any way. I understand, the Admission Agreement is part of this Application Form and the Application Form cannot be read in isolation for any reference. I have agreed to all the terms and conditions contained therein.
I, hereby, further confirm that the Mark Sheet presented by me is genuine and the same has been issued from a recognized Board. I am fully aware and agree that: (1) On admission, the original documents will be retained by Merchant-Navy for verification and the same will be returned after completion of the process of verification. If I found guilty of producing false certificate / certificate(s), I will be debarred from the course at any stage and shall be punished as per the terms of the Admission Agreement executed herewith between me and the Merchant-Navy. Along with this, I shall be declared unfit for Sea Service lifelong and the Course Fee, whatever has been paid, either full or part, by me shall be forfeited by the academy and I shall have no right to claim the same from the Academy;
(2) The Academy is approved for specified number of seats for each course, the entire infrastructure and facility of the academy are utilized by seats, thus each seat involves considerable proportionate cost, once the course has commenced , new candidate cannot join in mid-way and each candidate is expected to complete the course in one go and if, in case, I reserve my seat for admission by paying Reservation Fee (Registration Fee), and not joining the course, the Fee, whatever paid, will not be refunded. If I cancel my reserved seat even before the commencement of the course, whatever fee paid, will not be refunded generally;
(3) After selection and joining the academy, should I withdraw for any reason, no money will be refunded and also, in case, if I discontinue from the course on my own decision after selection (or) dismissed from the Academy by the management, I will pay the full course fee;
(4) I have reserved my seat in Merchant-Navy for basic training only, Merchant-Navy reserves the right for providing documents required for on-board training depending on academic performance and all dues cleared;
(5) 100% attendance is compulsory in classes and I commit myself to adhere to the same. If in case my attendance is short for any reason, the competent authority of Merchant-Navy may take such punitive action against me as may be deemed fit and proper;
(6) I will strictly follow the rules and regulations of the Academy and will maintain discipline in academy / hostel premises / outside the campus and shall follow the code of conduct prescribed for the Trainees as will be in force from time to time with corresponding changes / modifications/ amendments made thereto and Merchant-Navy has authority for taking punitive actions against me for violations/ non-compliance of the same;
(7) I shall be solely responsible for any kind of involvement in any kind of undesirable / in-disciplinary activities outside/ inside the campus, and shall be liable for punishment as per the guidelines/rules of the Academy or Admission Agreement. The Academy will, in no way, provide any support to me and will not be held responsible for my any such actions or activities;
(8) I will neither join in any coercive agitation / strike for the purpose of forcing the authority of Merchant-Navy to solve any problem nor will I participate in any activity which has a tendency to disturb the peace and tranquility of life at Merchant-Navy Campus or its hostel premises. If found guilty, Merchant-Navy may dismiss or debar me from training;
(9) I understand Personal Safety Aspects while under training and I do not suffer from any illness or disability that may hamper the various physical exercises to be carried out during the courses as part of its Training Programme. I indemnify Merchant-Navy from any claim whatsoever arising from personal injury, death, sickness or any other harm suffered from me as a result of my undergoing the said course, I consent to any emergency medical treatment which might be necessary and to pay all charges connected therewith to the Merchant-Navy and in the event of my sustaining any injury / illness during the period of my training at Merchant-Navy;
(10) I declare myself that I have medically supervised my physical condition and eye vision through a doctor before joining this course and I am fully fit for joining the course as per the Eligibility Criteria. In case, I am found medically unfit (physical fitness / eye vision or colorblindness) and unable to continue my course, I will not demand for the refund of fee, either part or full;
(11) I also declare that I am not suffering from any serious / contagious ailment and or any psychiatric / psychological disorder;
(12) Use of any kind of drugs (like alcohol / cigarette etc.) or any other illegal drugs is strictly prohibited, if anyone found using or influence of any drugs may subject to immediate termination and legal action as per the Training Agreement by Merchant-Navy;
(13) Damage or loss to training substitute property due to negligence or otherwise committed by candidates will have to be reimbursed to the training substitute and the warden decision for the amount payable will be final.